Because the change you want to make already exists in your organization

Because the change you want to make already exists in your organization

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Data that moves people

Qvest turns the tables and gives you unique data by capturing your stakeholders’ questions. Normally, questions don’t count as data, only answers do. But actually questions are the most valuable data source.

Questions demonstrate what people know, what they don’t know, and who they turn to for knowledge. Qvest captures this data in both quantitative and qualitative form.

The unique Qvest data is automatically structured and made available to participants. A feature that secures a shared perspective on what matters to the project.

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True insight

Contrary to all other methods, the point of departure for a Qvest is your stakeholders’ knowledge and perspectives.

By tapping into the question and answer exchange among your stakeholders, Qvest delivers insight that is otherwise inaccessible.

The proven Qvest method delivers groundbreaking insight into informal communication patterns and uncovers tacit knowledge.

Finally, you can visualize the DNA of your organization.

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Immediate impact

With Qvest, implementation is not an afterthought. Normally, implementation starts after defining and designing the project. With Qvest it’s the other way around: Implementation is part of the process from the beginning.

A shift that saves time and money, because you can make the right decisions about the right problems at the right time. The Qvest output shows you which problems that matter, and how to solve them.

And the best part is, that when stakeholders exchange questions and answers about the project, they take ownership of both the opportunities and risks. Shared responsibility is the most underutilized implementation hack. With Qvest, you can go there with the push of a button.

Qvest is your shortcut to project success.