The Qvest team

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Marie Mathiesen

CEO & Founder

Marie met Pia because she was a Qvest customer. She has worked in corporate management and as a consultant across multiple sectors. She has lived in Switzerland, Denmark and the US. She holds a PhD in Organizational Analysis and is quite obsessive about method.


Pia Lauritzen

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder

It all began with Pia. She is the inventor of the Qvest method. Pia has worked as a consultant using the method since 2008 - providing a strong platform of experience. Pia has a PhD in Philosophy. She has written many articles and books about the nature and impact of questions.


Niels Søholm

Chief Technology Officer

Niels is a full stack developer who has been working on web-based products for the last decade. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering, and he has written code as a consultant, in startups, and for a large corporate bank. He also bakes a mean loaf of sourdough.


Amelie Lange

Research Assistant

Amelie is a research assistant for R&D working closely with Pia. Amelie is currently studying for a master's degree in Anthropology, and she has a particular interest in digital technology. She has worked on qualitative research projects in the UK, Germany, and online for the past three years. She always has a book at hand – perhaps even two.


Anders Pollas

Founder & Board Member

Before co-founding Qvest, Anders co-founded Podio, which he and his partners sold to Citrix in 2012. As a business angel and board member, Anders is engaged in a suite of startups. He is passionate about building products that focus on making people work better together.

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