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We believe that questions are more valuable data than answers - if you agree, we are here to partner closely with you on the journey towards curiosity and high-performance.

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We have a team of expert analysts who have deep experience working with Qvest data.

A Qvest analysis delivers a context-specific report based on Qvest data.

Get deep insight into both what is already working in your organization and into what’s blocking your strategic objectives.

Qvest data is used to provide the following types of analysis:

  • Baseline analysis

  • Gap analysis

  • Current state analysis

Download a one pager about Qvest Analysis here, and do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your analytics needs.


We often facilitate impactful workshops with teams. We work both on location and online.

A typical workshop engages the participants through Qvest data and identifies key strategic initiatives.

Contact us to discuss your workshop needs.

Keynotes & Talks

We can deliver keynotes and talk on the following topics:

  • Questions as a change tool

  • What You don’t know about questions

  • Data-driven strategy - how to bridge strategy and actions

  • How executives overestimate the effect of their own communication

  • Leaders of the future build bridges, not empires

Keynotes and talks can be digital or on location. Get in touch for outlines of key points and video samples.

Courses & Certification

We train practitioners on how to work with the Qvest method and tool.

  • Introduction to Qvest as a method and tool - for practitioners who want to add Qvest to their toolbox

  • Qvest analytics - for practitioners who have experience using Qvest

  • Qvest certification for internal consultants

  • Qvest certification for external consultants

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Qvest Founder TED Talk

In her TED talk Qvest founder Pia Lauritzen unwraps the magic of questions. Questions have the power to connect us, and they also have the power to separate us.

Pia Lauritzen has a PhD in Philosophy and has spent the last 20 years researching and writing about the nature and impact of questions.

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