Why all the rules?

When you qvest, you have to follow a set of ground rules. It’s the rules that make it a QVEST. So when you wonder - or people ask - why participants can only ask one start question, or why there has to be a well defined QVEST Topic, know that there’s a reason for everything!

QVEST Set up

10-500 participants

Because it takes a group to qvest, and because 500 is the number of people human beings are capable of recognizing. The ideal maximum is 150, because that’s when we stop feeling committed and connected to our group co-members. And we want people to commit and connect when they qvest.

Maximum 5 days

Because it’s a quest - not a life journey. When people qvest they have a destination. And we want people to reach their destination before they tire out.

Maximum impact for minimum effort

  • 01

    A well defined topic

    QVEST owner 1) chooses a QVEST topic that matters to participants, and 2) uses the QVEST tool to let participants know what they’ll be qvesting about and why.

    Because no one engage in anything if they don’t believe that it’ll make a difference. And we want people to make a difference.

  • 02

    An equal starting point

    In a QVEST each participant has the right to ask 1 question of 1 co-participant of their own choice. Only 1 question and only 1 co-participant.

    Because that’s all it takes to take a stand and make a difference. Besides, when participants know that one of their co-participants have selected them to answer their question, they know it’s their responsibility to come up with an answer. And we want people to be responsible.

  • 03

    A democratic distribution principle

    When a participant has received and answered a question, he gets to ask a new question to a new participant of his own choice. Only the participants that receive and answer questions get to ask new questions.

    Because no one knows better who and what is important to a context than the people being part of it. Besides, when the QVEST closes all participants get access to all the QVEST output, so everybody gets to know what’s worth knowing at the moment. And we want people to know what’s worth knowing.

  • More about the QVEST rules at FAQ