How Qvest works

Qvest is based on philosophical research showing that for human beings to reach important goals together, they must ask each other questions.

For leaders to secure buy-in for their strategic initiatives, it’s not enough that they communicate the goals and plans. They must foster a curious and collaborative culture where people work together on asking and answering the questions the new initiatives raise.

Qvest is designed to do that.

Qvest helps leaders put their organization on a joint quest. And that is also the reason behind our name - which is pronounced “quest.”

Qvest is both a method and a digital tool helping companies reach their goals by taking employees on numerous 3-step ‘quests’.

In a Qvest, employees are prompted to:

  1. Consider their own position
  2. Connect to others
  3. Commit to new behavior

The Qvest buy-in model

To get buy-in for strategies and plans, leaders must make room for employees to move through the journey of replacing their current idea or plan with a new one.

Visualization of Qvest buy-in model. Three circles with respective messages: Consider own position, connect to others, commit to new behaviour. Backdrop with two areas blending from left to right. Left area labeled 'current plan' and right area labeled 'new strategy'

Each Qvest has 3 steps

Woman looking at alignment score diagram
1. Participants consider their own positionLeadership sets strategic direction by explaining why the strategic initiative is important and why the employees who are selected to join the Qvest are crucial to making the initiative a success. Then participants are invited to ask their own questions about the topic.
Woman looking at alignment score diagram
2. Participants connect to one another When the Qvest kicks off, each participant asks one question and picks one recipient among the other participants. These peer-to-peer Q&A exchanges are at the heart of the Qvest method, because they anchor the strategy in everyday conversations and actions.
Woman looking at alignment score diagram
3. Everyone commits to a shared futureWhen the Qvest closes, the output is automatically analyzed and shared with everyone, making it easy for participants to find the answers they are looking for and collaborate on making local adjustments. The partcipants also have the option of pinning key questions on the output page - showing the Qvest admin what they think is most important.


The rich conversational data from Qvest makes it easy for leaders to:

      Know how their teams interpret strategic initiatives
      Measure progress towards implementation
      Make data-driven adjustments
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See how it works

The Qvest tool translates employee questions into strategic insight. Giving you the data you need to make better, more informed decisions.

How to get started with Qvest

Onboarding step illustration

Schedule call with the Qvest team

We will help you clarify your needs and define the first Qvest topic. Together we select the right participants and decide timing.
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2 weeks from now

Run your first Qvest

Launch your first Qvest where participants exchange questions and answers about a strategically important topic.
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3 weeks from now

Access your conversational data

In your Qvest dashboard you can see the results roll in and download a report with recommendations and benchmarks. Our specialists will be happy to review your data with you.
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4 weeks from now

Develop a Qvest plan for your organization

Now that you have seen the benefits of Qvest, we will partner with you to make an annual plan for how to use Qvest to secure the success of your strategic initiatives.
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