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Identifying true drivers of Employee Net Promoter Score

A large organization was surprised by their quarterly employee engagement survey in 2018: Employees were not as loyal to the company as they had thought.

They used Qvest to engage 2783 employees across 12 departments around the same topic: Things that would make [company] a better place to work.

As a result, management learned not only what was actually on their employees’ minds but also discovered the informal networks in which they work together and exchange knowledge across the organization.

“It shows solutions that already exist in our organization, which can make it easier to act fast on the result.”

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Post restructuring: Finding the path forward together

A public sector organization was hoping to help their organization move forward after making changes to the organizational and leadership structure.

The Qvest ran over 3 days and 59% participated actively. It soon became obvious to everybody that both managers and employees felt they were stuck in a situation that made it impossible for them to look ahead. By mapping the informal relations and key concerns in the organization

"Qvest enabled managers and employees to talk about the elephant in the room and move forward together."

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