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The Qvest team

We are on a mission to make people in and across organizations listen to each other


Pia Lauritzen

Chief Methodologist & Founder

It all began with Pia. She is the inventor of the Qvest method. Pia has worked as a consultant using the method since 2008 - providing a strong platform of experience. Pia has a PhD in Philosophy. She has written many articles and books about the nature and impact of questions.


Marie Mathiesen

CEO & Founder

Marie met Pia because she was a Qvest customer. She has worked in corporate management and as a consultant across multiple sectors. She has lived in Switzerland, Denmark and the US. She holds a PhD in Organizational Analysis and is quite obsessive about method.


Niels Søholm


Niels is a full stack developer who has been working on web-based products for the last decade. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering, and he has written code as a consultant, in startups, and for a large corporate bank. He also bakes a mean loaf of sourdough.


Anders Pollas

Founder & Board Member

Before co-founding Qvest, Anders co-founded Podio, which he and his partners sold to Citrix in 2012. As a business angel and board member, Anders is engaged in a suite of startups. He is passionate about building products that focus on making people work better together.


Kasper Kure Larsen

Product Manager

Kasper is the Product Manager at Qvest. He keeps everything on track from sprint to sprint. Before joining Qvest, Kasper ran his own tech startup. Kasper has a BSc from Copenhagen Business School. He speaks Chinese, and he can win a chess match faster than you can say “spreadsheet.”


Christian Thorsø Pedersen

Vice President of Sales

Christian is our sales expert and comes to Qvest with nearly seven years experience in business development working with SaaS tools. As VP of Sales, Christian creates a sales-driven culture through planning, setting goals, analyzing and executing. His sales strategy is as sharp as his city-commuting strategy - with multiple bikes strategically distributed around Copenhagen for efficiency.


Ava Cramp

Marketing Associate

Ava has a passion for storytelling and very little room in her heart for typos. She is also a professional volleyball player from the States, and is currently studying her Masters in Branding at Copenhagen Business School. Her focus at Qvest is creating content, planning campaigns, and studying marketing analytics.


Peter Gönczöl

Full-stack Developer

Peter is a frontend developer who loves experimenting with new technologies. When he’s not working for Qvest, he is a student of Computer Science at the Danish Technical University. Peter is originally from Hungary. He loves to play board games, but not to make friends.

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