Qvest helps you go further. Together.

Get success with your strategic initiatives by involving and mobilizing your organization

How it works
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Make better decisionsWith front-line knowledge you can make more effective decisions. Solve mission-critical problems by leveraging employees’ collective intelligence.
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Break down silosResults depend on cross-functional collaboration. Foster a curious culture where your size is your strength.
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Mobilize your employeesNobody knows your business better than your employees. Empower your employees to execute strategic intiatives.
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Qvest is designed to help leaders in large complex corporations get better results faster.

What can Qvest be used for?

Strategic initiatives

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The value of a strategy is in the results you get when the organization executes.

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Cultural change

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Stop measuring whether people are ready for change, and start making them co-creators of the future.

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Digital transformation

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Successful digital transformation happens when everybody enters the future of work together.

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Unlock insight in the network

The Qvest network reveals how your organization really communicates and collaborates.

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"Qvest is different from any other tools we use to work on organizations by one main thing, and that is that it defies the laws of organizational gravity."

Kristian Rasmussen – Head of Organizational Performance
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How is Qvest different from tools such as Teams or Slack?

Qvest is not like a chat tool because the question and answer exchange in each Qvest is always limited to one specific topic set by you, and it only lasts a few days.

With Qvest you also get access to rich conversational data - qualitiative and quantitative data that allows you to make better, more informed decisions.

How do I explain Qvest to my stakeholders, especially my boss?

By using Qvest you get high quality data directly from your organization to make better, more informed decisions as a leader.

Qvest is the right tool to use when you have a strategic initiative that depends on many people in order to succeed. When you need to mobilize a large group of people around a strategy or a transformation program, for example.

What value will we get from using Qvest?

You can expect two levels of value from Qvest:

  1. Deep qualitative and quantitative insight based on the conversational data. This is the tangible data available in your Qvest analytics dashboard and reports.

  2. Commitment and buy-in from employees as a result of involving them in key strategic initiatives. By using Qvest, you foster a culture where everyone collaborates on reaching your company's next destination.

What does Qvest cost?

The price for Qvest depends on the number of participants and on the level of service and support you need from us.

Together we define the model that best fits your specific needs and budget to make sure you get great results from using Qvest.

If you need a preliminary price for your budget, we can usually pinpoint a price-range after a short exploratory call. The quickest and easiest way to get your price, is to book a call with us.

How to get started with Qvest

Go further. Together.

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