Keep your project on track

QVEST aligns project stakeholders and goals

Achieve project success with up to 90 % stakeholder engagement

Mobilize people

In a QVEST participants ask what they want about a topic that's important to them.

10-500 participants

Map relations

In a QVEST participants decide who they ask in multiple 1:1 question and answer exchanges.

Average 15 mins/participant

Move organizations

In a QVEST unique conversational data is automatically structured and shared with participants.

3-5 days

  • 01

    Each participant receives an email with a link to the QVEST page introducing the QVEST topic

  • 02

    At the QVEST page participants 1) ask a question, 2) choose a co-participant to answer their question

  • 03

    Selected participants answer the question and keep the QVEST rolling by repeating step 2

  • 04

    When the QVEST closes the unique conversational data is displayed in an infographic mapping content and network among participants

Let's make it a QVEST

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