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Qvest is an online tool that enables change agents to unlock critical knowledge and empower employees

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Smartphone and desktop monitor displaying Qvest app. Participant and analytics experience respectively.
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Uncover critical knowledge

Employees hold a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. The Qvest tool uses a research-based method to mobilize that knowledge by tapping into question and answer exchanges among employees.

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Tap into powerful group dynamics

Drive change through the existing informal networks that already work and make sense to the people involved.

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Get immediate impact

We know it's hard to believe, but this is what our customers experience every time they run a Qvest. Because when people exchange questions and answers about topics that matter to them, they take ownership of both the opportunities and risks - and implementation happens automatically.

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A rebellious tool

"Qvest is different from any other tools we use to work on organizations by one main thing, and that is that it defies the laws of organizational gravity."

Kristian Rasmussen – Maersk DrillingHead of Organizational Performance

The world's first flipped survey


Traditional surveys are a top down exercise where individuals are reduced to respondents choosing a pre-set numerical value.
1. Admin asks
Head looking to the right
How engaged are you in our
Agile transformation in Global IT?
2. Participants respond
Head looking to the left1
Head looking to the left4
Head looking to the left2
Head looking to the left5
Head looking to the left3
3. Survey data is processed and presented to admin
2.2Head looking to the leftHead looking to the left
4. Admin is responsible for improving engagement score
Head looking to the left


In contrast, a Qvest engages participants in exchanging knowledge. It is fun, easy, and deeply insightful.
1. Admin invites and motivates
Head looking to the right
To succeed with our transformation we have to mobilize all our experiences and ideas — so let's qvest about our Agile transformation in Global IT
2. Participants exchange questions and answers 1:1
Participant mesh network
3. Conversational data is analyzed and shared with everyone
Arrow from speechbubbles to network of points
4. Everyone is empowered to drive change
Participant network
Kasper giving a demo

Want real change?

Qvest is made for corporate rebels, who are willing to try new things to reach new goals.

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